Thursday, June 16, 2011


if it ends in ick, find a clean x. if it's academic, it looks askance at spandex.


ack! Ack! ACK! choking..on...memes...chugging a chupacabra mezzanine...what doth though think the parents are paying for in this academe?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


if i were a pop latin star and my german maid brought me a silo shake of acacia and grenadine and wilted susan deaths for my breakfast, i would thank the spider i didn't kill for the new clean sponge i didn't know i had under the sink when my husband vomited his affair all over my surprise pregnancy


bet you are wondering what all those abbreviations in the elements chart mean? i do too, but only when i am trying to not figure out what all those abbreviations in your instantmessagetextmessagetwitterfeed are all about

Abyssinian cat

when you think you're all that and the alfafa sprouts have gummed up your heroin vat the only thing you can do is implore the Abyssinian cat to make a litter box out of all the spices in your Alzheimer's great-grandmother's spice rack

Sunday, November 22, 2009


something is amiss, you see something is driving me in a subsidized bus toward a retina-scraping abyss - bliss for all those who miss beach ball and trumpet trysts


your pretend demon dreams are an abysmal breakup remedy and i don't mind no matter cuz i got oblivion on my side